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Price Increase/Seasonal Policy Update

Approximately nine months ago, an affiliate of SLIC Network Solutions became the new owner of your local cable and internet system. Since then, we have worked diligently behind the scenes to enhance system reliability and to improve plant robustness. We have also been solidifying a plan to upgrade the network in preparation for the increasing bandwidth demands of the next generation.

Undoubtedly, many of you have seen our teams working around town constructing new extensions of the KVVI footprint and running state-of-the-art fiber to previously unserved and underserved areas. Because of their commitment, additional company capital investment and the financial support from the New NY Broadband Program, we expect to have a nearly all fiber network completed in the next few months. We are confident that we are building on the solid foundation that KVVI established in 2006 with its partnership with the High Peaks Education Foundation to build the town wide broadband project. We are gratified to bring improved, comprehensive communication and information services to you in support of health, education and active lifestyle interests that we know are important to you.

At the same time, KVVI, along with most small market television providers, has continued to get pummeled with skyrocketing content costs. As a general matter, many networks have increased their prices by more than 100% over the past three years. As many may recall, the management team conveyed this same problem three or more years ago at the time of the prior price increase. Since that time, prices to our subscribers have been left largely unchanged, creating a financially unstable business. At this time, we must pass through a portion of these massive costs in order to have a sustainable business. As a result, effective May 1, 2019, we will institute a $3.95 price increase for all television subscribers and additionally put in place a Broadcast Fee of $8.95 to partially offset the significant costs of the over-the-air broadcast networks. Rest assured, against a very difficult content cost backdrop, we are striving to provide value-oriented choices at fair prices for all our customers.

In short, although we face a difficult landscape with respect to television content, we are even more optimistic and committed today than we were when we purchased this business nine short months ago. Recognizing the importance of broadband for a vibrant, sustainable community, we look forward to being able to communicate with you more concretely in the near future regarding enhanced services, as we expect to be able to deliver greater bandwidth at little incremental cost. Please contact our local customer-focused service team with questions or concerns at 518-576-4510. Questions may also be directed to Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.

Updated Pricing

Current Pricing (as of March 29, 2019): Basic+: $44.00 Seasonal+: $44.00

New Pricing **+ (as of May 1, 2019): Basic+: $47.95 Seasonal+: $47.95

** Changeover Period – Starting May 1, 2019, current subscribers will automatically be billed at the increased rate shown above. Customers with bundled service will incur increased prices for the television service portion. Seasonal customers will be billed at the new rates starting with the May, 2019 bill. 

+ Taxes, fees and surcharges not included – Prices do not reflect additional local, state and federal taxes and fees, or surcharges, that will appear on your monthly invoice and impact the total cost of your video subscription, including a newly instituted Broadcast TV Surcharge in the amount of $8.95 (these fees help us offset fees we must pay TV stations to provide subscribers with their local broadcast signals), effective May 1, 2019. These monthly charges may vary depending on location and are subject to change; surcharges may increase at any time in the future, particularly due to increases in programming costs.

+Installation and equipment charges not included - Prices do not include installation and equipment charges. Any television set requiring a set top box for service will be charged an additional fee for each such box as applicable.

+ Additional services subject to additional charges

Updated Seasonal Policy

We have revised our seasonal service policy to offer more options to our many customers that spend part of the year in another location. These new seasonal policy options are effective immediately and will be made available to all existing customers in good standing on April 1, 2019. For all seasonal plans, services may only be connected or disconnected once per year on a specified date of your choosing.

Option 1:

Minimum of 6 months service at regular price*

Maximum of 6 months dormant services at the $10 seasonal rate

No connection fee upon your return**

Services may be connected early

Option 2:

Minimum of 6 months service at regular price*

Keep 1 service active while you’re away

No connection fee for reconnected service upon your return**

*Not all service levels and markets are eligible for seasonal rates.

**Additional fees may apply if a technician is required to be dispatched for reconnection.

If service is disconnected outside of the scope of the seasonal policy outlined above, a reconnect fee of $195 will be assessed.

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Feb 13, 2022

I thought rates were going down with your acceptance of the Transfer from kvvi to slic. Instead TV price has gone up and internet services even on fiber have been hit or miss.. We paid for our upgrade to fiber and now your giving it away with the new migration. Absolutely ridiculus.

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