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Updated Seasonal Policy


We have revised our seasonal service policy to offer more options to our many customers that spend part of the year in another location. These new seasonal policy options are effective immediately and will be made available to all existing customers in good standing on April 1, 2019. For all seasonal plans, services may only be connected or disconnected once per year on a specified date of your choosing.


Option 1:

  • Minimum of 6 months service at regular price*

  • Maximum of 6 months dormant services at the $10 seasonal rate

  • No connection fee upon your return**

  • Services may be connected early


Option 2:

  • Minimum of 6 months service at regular price*

  • Keep 1 service active while you’re away

  • No connection fee for reconnected service upon your return**


*Not all service levels and markets are eligible for seasonal rates.

**Additional fees may apply if a technician is required to be dispatched for reconnection.


If service is disconnected outside of the scope of the seasonal policy outlined above, a reconnect fee of $195 will be assessed.

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